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Ich bin seit dem 01.03.2012 an der Universität zu Köln tätig. Sie finden meine neue Homepage hier.


I have moved to the University of Cologne. My new webpage is here.




Recent papers

Rational Self-Sabotage (with Oliver Gürtler).

A strategic mediator who is biased into the same direction as the expert can improve information transmission (with Lydia Mechtenberg), WZB Dicsussion Paper SP II 2010-19. Paper (pdf, 190kb).

Information sharing in contests (with Dan Kovenock and Florian Morath), SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 334. Paper (pdf, 330kb).

Information acquisition in conflicts (with Florian Morath), SFB/TR15 Discussion Paper No. 314. Paper (pdf, 600kb).

Mercenaries in Civil Wars, 1950-2000 (with Sven Chojnacki and Nils Metternich), WZB Discussion Paper SP II 2009 – 05. Paper (pdf, 250kb).

Long live the king? On dictatorship and development (with Ashish Chaturvedi)



Information policy in tournaments with sabotage (with Oliver Gürtler and Petra Nieken), accepted for publication, Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

How organizational structure can reduce rent-seeking (with Klaas Staal), Public Choice (2012), 150, 579–594.

War with Outsiders Makes Peace Inside (with Klaas Staal), Conflict Management and Peace Science (2011), 28(2), 91–110. Stuart A. Bremer award 2007.

Sabotage in dynamic tournaments (with Oliver Gürtler), Journal of Mathematical Economics (2010), Volume 46 Issue 2, 179-190.

Group contest success functions, Economic Theory (2009), Vol. 41 Iss. 2, 345 - 357.

Repeated contests with asymmetric information, Journal of Public Economic Theory  (2009), Vol. 11 Issue 1, 89 – 118.

All Equilibria of the Multi-Unit Vickrey Auction (with Andreas Blume, Paul Heidhues, Jonathan Lafky, Meixia Zhang), Games and Economic Behavior (2009), Vol. 66, Issue 2, 729-741.

Private versus complete information in auctions (with Florian Morath), Economics Letters  (2008), 101, 214–216.

Simultaneous Inter- and Intra-Group Conflicts, Economic Theory (2007), 32, 333-352.

Selection Tournaments, Sabotage, and Participation, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2007), Vol. 16, Nr  4, 943–970.

Contests with Investment, Managerial and Decision Economics (2007), Volume 28, Issue 8, 849-862.

Rents, Dissipation and Lost Treasures: Comment, Public Choice (2007), Vol. 130, 329-335.

Lobbying Contests with Endogenous Policy Proposals, Economics and Politics (2006), Vol. 18, No. 3, 389-397.

Contests with an Unknown Number of Contestants, Public Choice (2006), Vol. 129, No. 3-4, 2006, 353-368.