Information for International Students

Here you can find more information about applying and studying at Freie Universität Berlin.



Information for Erasmus Students

ERASMUS+ is part of the European Community action program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport running from 2014-2020. It is a European success story which contains a wide range of measures designed to support national efforts to modernise Education, Training, and Youth systems.

A list of our Partner Universities, with which we have an agreement about Erasmus-Exchanges can be found under the following links:



Distributed Campus

Exchange students can find an additional orientation aid before traveling to Berlin. Distributed Campus, the internet portal of Freie Universität Berlin, provides information on study conditions, a description of the German university system, and information about living in Berlin. You will get access to it after you've been accepted as an exchange student.

Fields of Study

Prospective students thinking about coming to the School of Business and Economics within a bachelor's degree program can find further information about the programs here and visit the Online Assistant to take a closer look at the content and requirements that apply to the bachelor’s degree programs offered at the School of Business and Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. Bachelor students are allowed to take clases within both offered bachelor degree programs, Business Administration and Economics, independent from their own program.

In addition, for those already having completed a bachelor's degree, the School of Business and Economics offers a variety of Master Programs.

There is special information for graduates of foreign schools interested in studying at Freie Universität available bilingually (English and German) under International Students and Application Procedure for Graduates of non-German Schools.

Prospective students can prepare for their studies with the online program "e-Learning: Helping Students Succeed" offered by the Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling.

The School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics at the FUB consists of a number of institutes that belong to the two main divisions of business and economics. You find a list of the institutes on the faculty's website.

The department buildings are located in Berlin-Dahlem, a residential area in the southwest part of the city. Besides providing extensive classroom and lecture hall capacity, the main building at Garystr. 21 also houses the economics library, the faculty's academic computer center, as well as the offices of the dean and the faculty administration. There is a small cafeteria in the basement.

The university library is only a block away and the Mensa is about a one minute's walk from the main building of the faculty of business and economics. Nearby are the law faculty and the political science faculty. Between the main building, the Mensa and the law faculty is a large grass courtyard offering a place to relax between lectures that provides students additional opportunities to meet or work together.

Two computer labs provide ample opportunity for students to use personal computers. In addition, students are also able to work in the excellent reading room of the library for business and economics with its extensive collections of books and periodicals. Both rapid transit and bus lines (see Public Transport in Berlin) provide convenient and fast access to the business and cultural offerings of downtown Berlin. The closest subway station is U-Bahnhof Thielplatz on the line U 3.

The Structure of Studies

The School of Business and Economics offers several programs at the BA and MA level. You find more detailed information on the BA programs and the MA programs on the faculty's website:

Bachelor Programs

Brochures available in German

B. Sc. in Business Administration:

BWL-Bachelor-Brochure (pdf)

BSc. in Economics:

VWL-Bachelor-Brochure (pdf)

Master Programs

Brochures available in English

M&M Master Program:

M.Sc. in Management & Marketing (pdf)

FACTS Master Program:
M.Sc. in Finance, Accounting & Taxation (pdf)

These brochures also contain a proposed curriculum (Studienverlaufsplan). Since all programs start in fall/winter term, you can figure out which courses are typically offered in the winter and summer term, respectively.

Even more detailed information can be found in the regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen) of the programs. These also contain descriptions of the content of all modules in the program.

Application Procedure


The School of Business and Economics of the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) has Erasmus exchange agreements with more than 30 economics and business departments in Europe. If you would like to study business or economics at the FUB for a semester or a year, first ask your local Erasmus coordinator whether your department has an exchange agreement with the FUB-department.

If such an agreement exists and you are elected as an exchange student, your local Erasmus coordinator will pass on the nomination to the central  Erasmus Office at the FUB. From there you will receive information about application, registration, student housing, etc. It is not possible to apply directly at the School of Business and Economics of the FUB. If you want to apply outside the Erasmus program, please check the information for international students on the FUB website.


The School of Business & Economics maintains a international network with partners for direct student exchange. Please inquire at your home university about existing partnerships with Freie Universität Berlin and apply at your home university.

Beginning of Studies

When you start studying at Freie Universität Berlin, many things are exciting and often new and unfamiliar. Freshmen should get first information on their course of studies and subject matters in the Study and Examination Regulations (in German). Please check out the major deadlines in the Academic Calendar and in the Lecture and Course Catalog. Bachelor degree students can find support in organizing their studies by Campus Managament (in German). This system is used to register online to enroll in lectures and seminars and to learn the results of examinations.

The Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling has developed an online program called "Study Successfully" that provides the most important information for freshmen. Each department has Departmental Advisors to support students in its department in planning and organizing their studies.

Student Dormitories are available through the Studentenwerk Berlin. If you are interested, please contact them directly.


Information about Courses

An overview of all current courses at the FUB can be found within the Course Catalog. New courses for future semesters are always being published 6-8 weeks prior to the new semester. In the Course Catalog also the courses in economics and business are listed. Unfortunately most of these courses are in german. Although the School of Business and Economics offers some courses in English they are quite limited and change every semester. To find these courses offered in English please take a look at the following information.

As a Bachelor student you can take any of the courses from the Bachelor BWL or Bachelor VWL.

You have to register for selected courses in the beginnig of the semester on Campusmanagement!

Students who would like to take part in courses of other faculties than the School of Business & Economics have to contact the Professor responsible for the desired course and ask for permission. After coming to Berlin you'd have to take the professor's signed permission to the Prüfungsbüro where you'll be enrolled in the desired course via Campus Management.

These web pages are regularly updated between the teaching periods. The typical forms of teaching are:

V (Vorlesung): These are lectures.

Ü (Übung): These are recitation sessions or tutorials, where the material of the lecture is reviewed and exercises are solved. In many cases a course consists of a combination V/Ü.

S (Seminar): These are seminars. Besides regular attendance, a typical seminar requires the student to write a thesis and to present the thesis in the classroom. Seminars typically require registration and some preparation during the semester break. Therefore, it is advisable not to plan to attend seminars in the first semester of your visit.

PG (Project Gruppe): These are small groups that require the participating students to work on some project. Project groups typically require registration and some preparation during the semester break. Therefore, it is advisable not to plan to participate in a PG in the first semester of your visit.


Selecting and Attending Courses

You should select your courses in coordination with your supervisor at your home university and prepare a Learning Agreement. You can find a description of the modules in the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung. Before sending the Learning Agreement to your home university please let it stamp and sign first at the International Office of School of Business & Economics, you can hand it in via email!

By signing the Learning Agreement the School of Business and Economics confirms that the student can presumably take the courses as listed on the document. As the definite new courses only are available 6-8 weeks prior to semester the International Office of the School of Business and Economics does not guarantee any courses by signing the Learning Agreement though!

The contact person for Certificates of Attendance is the Erasmus-Office!

You can always get advice and information at the International Office.

International Office

Sandra Hallscheidt                                                       

Boltzmannstr. 20

14195 Berlin

Room 405

Tel: +49(0)30/838-52548


Office hours: on appointment



Mayana Witt


Office hours: Wednesday 10:00-12:00

Examinations, Grades and ECTS-Credits

You have to register for exams in the beginnig of the semester under Campusmanagement (see also Merkblatt des Prüfungsbüros)! Examinations for most courses take place in the 2-3 weeks after the end of the teaching period. Please take this into account when planning your studies at the School of Business and Economics of the FUB!

Repeating failed exams: The school of business and economics offers bachelor students to repeat a failed exam. Unfortunatelly this option is only available for bachelor students, master students can't repeat a failed exam. These exams usually take place close to the beginning of the following semester. An example: If you studied at FU Berlin during the winter term 2015/16 and your last official exam took place at the end of february you have the chance to take this exam again at the beginning of April. Please note that in this case your ERASMUS scholarship only counts until end of february, when you're oficially exmatriculated.

The ECTS System allows you to transfer examinations at the FUB to your home university. (Please ask your local supervisor to what extent ECTS credits and grades are acknowledged at your home university.) Per semester you should acquire about 30 ECTS credits. To each course in the BA and MA program a specific number of "Leistungspunkte (LP)" is assigned.

One LP is equivalent to 1 ECTS credit. According to the study and examination regulation for Bachelor and Master Studies of the School of Business and Economics at Freie Universität Berlin 1 ECTS is equivalent to 30 working hours. All regular courses at the School of Business & Economics are usually worth 6 LP/ECTS Credits. These courses consist of at least two parts (e.g. lecture and tutorial). Courses in the field of General Professional Preparation (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung) are usually worth 5 LP/ECTS Credits.

Even more detailed information (but only in German) on LP can be found in the study and examination regulation (Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen) of the programs. 

FU Berlin Grading Scale - ECTS Grades

1.0 bis / to 1.5

A Hervorragend / Excellent

über / more than 1.6 bis / to 2.0

B Sehr gut / Very good

über / more than 2.1 bis / to 3.0

C Gut / Good

über / more than 3.1 bis / to 3.5

D Befriedigend / Satisfactory

über / more than 3.6 bis / to 4.0

E Ausreichend / Sufficient

über / more than 4.1 bis / to 5.0

F Nicht bestanden / Fail


The FUB has a semester system. The teaching period in the winter term starts around mid-October and ends around mid-February. The teaching period of the summer term is mid-April until mid-July. You find the exact dates on the FUB website.

Examinations for most courses take place in the 2-3 weeks after the end of the teaching period. Please take this into account when planning your studies at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the FUB!

All necessary information concerning courses, dates, registration and events you will be able to find on Distributed Campus, after you have been accepted at School of Business & Economics. Please take into consideration, that payment of an Erasmus grant is connected to the duration of your Erasmus stay.

Academic Calendar & Important Dates

All important dates and deadlines for applicants can be found in the Academic Calendar, which is updated regularly. The Academic Calendar also contains information on central orientation days providing general information for studying at Freie Universität Berlin. (This includes two orientation days designated specifically for international students.) Other current events are noted in the Calendar of Events (in German).

To avoid missing any application deadlines, have a look at

Transcript of Records

Please request your Transcript of Records before you leave Berlin! In order to do that, you need to fill in the form and hand it in in the examinations office.

All courses that you take and for which you perform work during your stay at the Freie Universität in Berlin are listed on the Transcript of Records. Within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), courses are assigned a certain number of credits which reflect the work load required for the course. Please keep in mind that for exams that you did not pass (result 5.0) you will get no credit points. As soon as all grades are received we will prepare your final Transcript of Records.

Please consider that the Prüfungsbüro will provide you a Transcript of Records only if you completed the majority of your courses at the School of Business & Economics. In case you received the majority of your "Scheine" and Grades from other Departments, they have to be given to the Erasmus-Office. In this case the Erasmus – Office will prepare your final Transcript of Records.

To receive the Transcript of Records from the Freie Universität in Berlin after completion of your studies you need to download the transcript application form here:

Application Form (German)

Application Form (English)

Please fill out the form completely with Name, Surname, Birth Date and Home University. Mark with a cross if you want to pick up the Transcript of Records personally or in case you leave Berlin give the address it can be send to.

During the office-hours you can pick up your Transcript of Records personally at the Prüfungsbüro of the Department of Business and Economics. Please write the exact pick up date.

Please submit your transcript application form completely filled with all important documents and all academic achievements (ABV, Language courses, grades from other Departments) at the Prüfungsbüro of the Department of Business and Economics. If you did not receive any "Schein", fill out the list with the name of the Professor and the original course name. Unfortunately the Transcript of Records can be written only in German. The Prüfungsbüro does provide translations of the courses offered at the School of Business and Economics which you can forward to your home university for the translation of the Transcript of Records. Please choose between bachelor or master courses.

Necessary documents

  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Copy of the passport with biometric picture
  • All academic achievements (ABV, Language courses, "Scheine" from other Departments)
  • Information about registration at Campus Management


Freie Universität Berlin FB Wirtschaftswissenschaft Prüfungsbüro Garystr. 21 14195 Berlin

Telefax: (030) 838 52383



Prospective and enrolled students with inquiries about studying at Freie Universität Berlin may contact the Info-Service of Freie Universität Berlin. Our staff will help you with questions concerning courses of study, choice of subject, application matters, or change of university. You can contact us by telephone, email, or personally. The Info-Service also offers the possibility to obtain information regarding studying at Freie Universität by Chat (in German).

If you would like personal support from the Academic Advisory Service or the Psychological Counseling Service of the Freie Universität, please contact the Info-Service first.

In addition, there are other institutions offering counseling and support on specialized themes such as, Advising for Students with Disabilities and Chronically Ill Students, Financing of Study, or Studying Abroad.

International Club

You are new in this city and want to get in contact with other students from all around the world. The International Club helps to get in touch with each other and enjoy cultural life together etc.

Further Information for Exchange Students

The International Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) and the ERASMUS Office provide information regarding the formal prerequisites and conditions for studying in Berlin, as well as information regarding health insurance, residency permits, visas for study purposes, and much more here: