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FAQs COVID-19 for Exchange students

At the moment exam reviews are not possible.

Will the retake exams take place in April?
Until further notice, there will be no presence tests at the FU Berlin. This means that the repeat exams that were originally planned for our School in early April must be postponed. Given the uncertainty about the further course of the crisis, it is difficult to determine the new examination period today. On the one hand, the repeat exams should take place as soon as possible (so that your studies can continue as smoothly as possible), on the other hand, early dates also mean a higher risk to  health. As of today we plan the retakes to take place in the first week of June at the earliest - depending on the course of the Corona crisis, a move to early August or early October cannot be ruled out. We will let you know as soon as possible.

The examination office is not open during office hours. It can of course be reached by phone and email from Monday to Friday. Please understand that in exceptional cases the answer may take a little longer. We strive to react to everything as quickly as possible.

At the moment, the summer semester 2020 will start one week late (April 20, 2020). In the event that after 20.4. social contacts still are to be reduced, we are working on converting teaching operations to online formats. Information will be provided in good time, especially on the blackboard pages of the courses.

A personal visit to the library is currently not possible. However, the library offers online services.

PC pools are closed until further notice.

The orientation week for incoming students has been cancelled. An online presentation about the organization of studies and the use of Campus Management is available here.

An online presentation about the specifics of the School of Business & Economics will be available here shortly.