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Questions and Answers concerning Covid-19 for Exchange students (School of Business & Economics)

The Examination Office

The examination office currently does not offer face-to-face consultations.

We can of course still be reached by phone and email from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Please understand that in exceptional cases the answer may take a little longer.
We try to respond to everything as quickly as possible.

When and how do I register in Campus Management

The registration period for the winter semester 2020/2021 starts on Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at 00:00. The registration period ends on Friday, November 20th, 2020 at midnight. During the entire registration period, it is possible to register and de-register for modules and courses without restriction of the number of places. October 30th ends the period to give preferences for courses with limited places.

For courses with limited places (these are those in which a maximum number of participants is specified), regardless of whether they are held in person or online:
There is a deadline of 10/30/2020 12:00 (preference period) for specifying course preferences. The preferences given up to then will be taken into account in the automatic allocation of places.

Places in courses with limited places are initially not registered directly in the preference period, but only on the day of allocation (October 30, 2020 after 12:00).
Participants in courses with limited places only appear on the lecturer's list of participants or on the blackboard after they have been assigned.
The chances of getting a place in a course with limited places do not depend on the time of your registration!

IMPORTANT: Your chances increase with the number of preferences given in the case of multi-course courses.
You can only submit one preference for each specific course (course number).
The allocation of places in courses with limited places will take place on Friday, October 30th, 2020 from 12:00 p.m.
Further registrations / de-registrations in the remaining registration period after the allocation (until November 20, 2020 24:00):

Further modules can still be registered or deregistered.
A direct registration for any remaining places in courses with limited places is possible.
The places booked through the allocation in courses with limited places can be canceled or rebooked (provided that the capacity allows).
This also applies to courses without space restrictions. Registrations and cancellations are possible directly and until the end of the registration period.
Please also check the status of your registrations in the web registration or in your Campus Management account regularly. 

Code of Conduct: Rules for digital coursework at Freie Universität Berlin


  • Registration for courses in campus management  entitles you to take the exam.
  • In each course, the dates and forms of examination will be presented.
    Forms of examinations will be: online examination with e-examinations@home, corona housework (processing time 4 hours), short housework (processing time 24 hours), oral examination. The corresponding form of examination is determined by the examiner who informs the relevant students about the examination form.
  • Withdrawal due to illness from the regular exams:
    If you cannot take an exam due to illness, you must send the form "Cancellation due to illness" provided to the examination office:
    - by email (pbwiwiss@fu-berlin.de) with a scanned PDF file attached
    - by post (examination office, Garystr. 21, 14195 Berlin)

    The form must be completed in full, signed and stamped by your doctor, and signed by yourself. The document must be sent within three working days from the day of the examination (the date of the postmark or email time stamp counts).

    We ask for your understanding that due to the number of submitted forms, no confirmation of receipt can be given.
    However, you can see the processing status in Campus Management yourself:

    If you have fully registered for the module in the current semester, the date of the examination will be displayed when you open the registered module.
    If you have submitted the form to withdraw for reasons of illness, you will be deregistered from the exam and automatically create a repeat attempt. This means that the current exam date will be deleted and will no longer be displayed in the registered module.

  • In the event of non-participation, the usual rules apply: Since there are no binding examination dates (or tbd), non-participation has no negative consequences (no "failed", no test count). As before, participation in the repeat exam is only possible if the exam is failed or if you withdraw with a certificate (before the exam begins). New: The reason for resignation also includes proven risk previous illnesses (also of household members).
  • ages is checked individually and granted if necessary. Direct extensions of the writing time are not possible.
  • The hygiene and safety rules must be observed.

e-examinations @ home: How does this form of examination work?
The Examination Board has approved exams in the format e-examinations @ home as a substitute for presence exams.
Please note the following points during these tests:
• You take the exam on your own computer at home in the "Safe Exam Browser". The Safe Exam Browser must be installed beforehand. You will receive the link for the installation from the examiner. The Safe Exam Browser requires Windows or macOS. Android or IOS are not supported. A browser configuration must also be installed for each test.
• Depending on the examiner's decision, the exam can be open book or closed book.
• Identity checks can be carried out before the exam. For this you need Webex access with a camera (e.g. your laptop, cell phone).
• You must ensure that you have taken the exam yourself. If other people write the exam for you or support you, it is a serious offense that has serious ramifications for everyone involved

Testing requirement for presence exams

- Proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen or PCR test is required to participate in face-to-face testing formats.
- Proof of the negative test result must be no more than 24 hours old at the time the exam begins.
- Please use the certified testing centers of the state of Berlin (https://test-to-go.berlin) for testing. There is also a certified test center available on the campus of the FU Berlin (https://www.covid-testzentrum.de/berlin-fu). Here, too, you can take advantage of a test offer free of charge and once a day. We recommend that you organize an appointment for testing in good time.
- Even persons with a negative test result continue to comply with all valid protection, distance and hygiene measures, including the obligation to wear a mask.
- Students with a positive test result will not be allowed to participate in the examination and will place themselves in self-quarantine in accordance with state regulations. In this case, please follow the procedure above.
- An exception to the testing requirement exists for vaccinated individuals (time since last required vaccination at least 14 days) and for recovered individuals (proof of positive PCR test result, no younger than 28 days, no older than 6 months).
- Those who cannot provide a negative test result or sufficient proof of vaccination/recovery will not be allowed to participate in the exam.

How can I participate in an online-course? How to participate in a course via Webex?

You will receive an invitation from your lecturer for courses held via Webex. You do not need to take any further action yourself to get access to courses. Students without an FU account can also take part in a course via Webex.

You can use Webex both with the browser and with the desktop app. We recommend installing the Meetings desktop app on the device you will be using to participate in a Webex course. Students without an FU account should install the app without signing in to Webex - it is not to necessary to attend the courses. You will find the instruction how to install the app for various end-devices here:

Participation in a course via Webex takes place via a link or via entering an access code and a password. You will receive this information from your lecturer. All you need to do to join the Webex course is to enter your name and your email address. 
Signing in to Webex Meetings desktop app or under https://fu-berlin.webex.com is not required to participate in a Webex course

How to use Webex rooms as a Host?

With their Webex access all students at Freie Universität have the option to use Webex in the host role. They can set up their own rooms in Webex, schedule meetings, and invite fellow students, e.g. to work collaboratively on a document or presentation, to practice a lecture, to exchange lecture notes or to provide feedback to each other.

Various Webex products are available to students for these purposes:

  • Webex Meetings for meetings and group collaboration
  • Webex Training for meetings and collaboration in a group and in subgroups
  • Webex Teams for spontaneous exchange (also exchange of files) without extensive preparation.

You will find a detailed explanation on how to use these products in this step-by-step-instruction.

Following requirements should be fulfilled to act as a Host in Webex:

  • Web browser or installed desktop app (recommended)
  • Microphone (integrated or external,  e.g. via a headset)
  • Webcam (recommended).

We recommend using a desktop or laptop (Windows 10, macOS, Linux). It is generally possible to schedule and moderate your own Webex rooms using a mobile device (iOS / iPadOS, Android), however; you may experience restrictions in handling.

Detailed instructions on how to schedule and run meetings in Webex can be found in the Webex Wiki:

Webex Meeting

Webex Training

Webex Teams