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Library user information

Who can borrow?

Everyone who has a valid student ID or library card of the Free University can borrow materials from the library.

You can apply for a library card if you are more than 16 years old. For borrowing media, proof of residence in Berlin or Brandenburg is required.

What materials can be borrowed?

You can borrow all the books found in the closed or open stacks. Books in the reading room and all journals cannot be borrowed. Those journals that are placed in the closed stacks need to be ordered for use only in the reading room. All books of the textbook collection can be borrowed only by FU students.

How do I check out books?

The check out procedure depends on whether the book is placed in the closed or open stacks:

Books from the open stacks and the textbook collection are taken by the user from the shelf and presented to the lending desk or are checked out on the self-checkout system.

Books from the closed stacks may be found through the Library Portal Primo and must be requested through it. The requested books will be available at the lending desk for 5 days.

Books that are requested…

... up to 6 p.m. are available at the lending desk an hour after requesting.

... after 6 p.m. are available at the lending desk on the next working day.

How long can I borrow books?

The loan period is usually 4 weeks and may be extended up to six months, unless another user reserves the book.

For users that are not members of the Free University the loan period is 2 weeks and can also be extended up to 6 months if no reservations from other users exist. In case of highly requested books, the loan period can be shortened.

How much does a loan cost?

Loans are free of charge. In case the loan period is exceeded an overdue fee will be charged (see Gebührenordnung).