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Organizational Competencies

The Problem


Recently, business studies have begun addressing the areas of tapping into and developing the competencies involved in social systems. This concept is generally treated within the context of strategic management. Within a holistic approach, organizational competencies are viewed as the basis for, or even the source of, entrepreneurial strategies. They are closely related to the question of whether a company is competitive and to issues of generation of competitive advantages. Our study of organizational competencies thus pays particular attention to the abilities of organizations to develop, on an ongoing basis, innovative products and processes that are either aligned to changing market requirements or provide new impetus within the activities taking place on the market. Despite the undisputed high strategic priority of organizational competencies, the true essence and development logic of this multidimensional construct have thus far been subject to only superficial examination.


With this situation in mind, the ongoing research deals with conceptual exploration of the specific essence and mechanisms of emergence of organizational competencies, with the goal of arriving at implications and, where applicable, developing tools for the management of organizational competencies.



Key Projects


  • Emergence of organizational competencies
  • Dynamization of organizational competencies





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Courses and Events


Winter Semester 2002/03:

Seminar on “Organizational Competencies”