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The following is a catalog of questions that have been frequently directed at us. Should you be unable to answer your concern with these answers, please contact Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch.


  What is the target group of the GPP modules offered by the Chair of BA Gersch? Can I enroll in the courses of the focus area "Organisation and Management" as a Business or Economics student?


The target audience of the GPP modules offered by the Chair of BA Gersch are students with non-economic majors. In the competence area "Organisation and Management", Business Administration and Economics students can only participate in the Start-Up Business module supported by profund.


  How many GPP courses offered by the professorship can I take?  

Starting with the winter semester 2008/2009, you can gather up to 15 credit points in each competence area. This means a maximum of 3 modules can be completed at this chair (please note that some courses are consecutive and only accessible if the prerequisite course(s) have been sucessfully completed)


  Are there necessary requirements to take part in the GPP courses of the competence area "Organisation and Management"?  

There are no general requirements. However, the more advanced courses require basic economic knowlege, so that for example the course "E-Business (GPP)" can only be enrolled in if at least one of the principles courses (Business Administration and/or Marketing) has been sucessfully completed. The module "Net Economy - Case Study in an International Learning Network (GPP)" can only be take if the course "E-Business (GPP)" has been sucessfully completed.


  Who do I turn to in case I would like to have a GPP course accredited that I have completed at another university?  

A decision concering the accreditation of external courses takes place by the responsible adminsitration/examination office, or the coordinator for your major. In general, this requires that the persons offering similar GPP courses here check for equivalence. This equivalence test can only be carried out by the Chair of BA Gersch for the modules "Business Principles (GPP)", "Marketing Principles (GPP)", "E-Business (GPP)" and "Case Studies in an International Study Network (GPP)".

Students of Business Administration and Economics who would like to have GPP courses accredited please initially turn to the corresponding person offering the module, and then to the coordinator of your major. Please note that the Freie Universität offers a broad range of courses for professional work preparation, and the necessary points can certainly also be gathered from competence areas new to you.


  Which registration deadlines must be considered?

The modules offered by the Chair of BA Gersch have a limited number of participants. A preliminary registration and assignment to a slot is therefore necessary. If your major is represented in the campus management, please use this system to register. Should this not be the case, send your participation request form to the person responsible for the corresponding course within the campus management deadlines.


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