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Research Seminar by Roberto Veneziani, Ph.D. (University of London)

Jun 07, 2018 | 12:15 PM - 01:45 PM

On Thursday, June 6, noon-14 pmRoberto Veneziani, Ph.D. from the University of London will be the speaker of the Research Seminar in Economics. He will present his research paper on "Exploitation as the Unequal Exchange of Labour: An Axiomatic Approach" at Kaminzimmer (room 202), Boltzmannstraße 20, Berlin-Dahlem.


A novel axiomatic approach is developed to analyse the core positive and normative intuitions behind the concept of exploitation. A domain axiom, called Labour Exploitation in Subsistence Economies, is presented which identifies the class of admissible definitions of exploitation. Then, it is proved that, within this class, a definition of exploitation conceptually related to the so-called "New-Interpretation" (Dumenil, 1980; Foley, 1982; Dumenil at el., 2009) is the only definition that satisfies three theoretically robust and formally weak axioms incorporating the relational, independence and continuity properties of exploitative relations. This definition is based on empirically well defined magnitudes and it captures some important normative intuitions of exploitation theory, as it focuses on the unequal distribution of (and control over) social labour, and on individual well-being freedom and the self-realisation of men.

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Time & Location

Jun 07, 2018 | 12:15 PM - 01:45 PM

Boltzmannstraße 20