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Economic Growth (Bachelor)

  • Lecturer: Prof. Emanuel Gasteiger, PhD
  • Lecture and exercise sessions
  • Lecture: Thursday, 10am - 12 (starting October 20) in room C at Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystr. 35-37
  • Exercise sessions by Prof. Emanuel Gasteiger, PhD and Sandra Pasch: Tuesday, 2pm - 4 in room B at Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystr. 35-37
  • Course content: The course offers an introduction to economic growth. First, it offers a review of the key empirical facts related to the differences in standards of living among countries over the last two centuries. Both developed and developing countries are covered. Second, theories focusing on factor accumulation are presented as preliminary explanations for the historical experience of countries. The role of physical and human capital, population growth and demographic change are examined. Third, technological progress as a key preliminary explanation of economic growth is emphasized, before the fundamental causes of economic growth such as institutions, income inequality, culture, geography and natural resources are discussed. The course aims to provide the ground for a deeper analysis of economic growth.
  • Course language: English