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Macroeconomic Analysis (Master)

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mathias Trabandt


  • Lecture and exercise sessions

             Lecture: Friday, 12 - 2pm

             (starting October 21, 2016) in room C at Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystr. 35-37

             Exercise sessions by Flora Budianto: Monday, 12 - 2pm

             (starting October 31, 2016) in room 104a, Garystr. 21


  • Course Content:

            Properties of macroeconomic data,

            Long-run growth vs. short-run fluctuations (business cycle),

            Growth models: Solow and Ramsey models,

            Business Cycle models: Real Business Cycle (RBC) and New Keynesian (NK)


  • Course language: English


Handouts and further material will be posted via Blackboard (approx. 1 day before the lecture)