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Monetary and Fiscal Policy (Master)

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mathias Trabandt


  • Lecture and exercise sessions

             Lecture: Thursday, 10 - 12

             (starting October 20, 2016) in room B at Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystr. 35-37

             Exercise sessions by Flora Budianto: Tuesday, 8.30 – 10

             (starting October 25, 2016) in room 102, Garystr. 21


  • Course content:

            Properties of macroeconomic data,

            Central banks,

            New Keynesian model,

            Transmission of monetary policy,

            The Zero Lower Bound on nominal interest rates,

            Optimal monetary policy,

            Monetary-fiscal interaction,

            Fiscal multipliers

            Introduction to MATLAB and Dynare


  • Course language: English


Handouts and further material will be posted via Blackboard (approx. 1 day before the lecture)