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Economic Growth (advanced) (Master)

  • Lecturer: Prof. Emanuel Gasteiger, PhD
  • Lecture and exercise sessions
  • Lecture: Tuesday, 10am - 12 (starting October 17) in room 102, Garystr. 21
  • Exercise sessions by Prof. Emanuel Gasteiger, PhD: Wednesday, 4pm - 6pm (starting November 8) in room 102, Garystr. 21
  • Course content: Definition of economic growth and development from a historical point of view, Solow-Swan-Model as a starting point of economic growth theories and it´s empirical validity, Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans-Model as the central model in macroeconomics, demography and growth in context of Diamond Samuelson-Model, endogenous and semi-endogenous growth models, additional aspects such as poverty trap, income distribution or the role of institutions, methodical focus: dynamic modelling
  • Course language: English