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Modern Methods of Macroeconomics: Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis II (PhD)

  • Prerequisite: successful completion of Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis I by Prof. Burda and Prof. Weinke.
  • This course consists of two parts.
    • Prof. Dr. Trabandt (FU Berlin) will teach the first part of the course starting from April 22. Prof. Dr. Trabandt will teach his part in the first seven weeks of the term.

    • Lecture and Exercise: Wednesdays, 8.00am-12:30pm

    • Prof. Dr. Heinemann (TU Berlin) will teach the second part of the course starting after the first part by Prof. Dr. Trabandt has been finished.

  • Course content: Advanced monetary macroeconomics, search and matching labor markets, solution and estimation techniques.

  • Further information, slides and other material for the first part of the course will be made available in due course.

  • This course is very difficult and primarily geared towards first and second year PhD students (Doktoranden) as well as very advanced fast track Master students who are at the final stage of their Master program. Participation by other Master students is — due to the work load and difficulty of the course — not encouraged.