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Current Topics on International Macroeconomics

News from Oct 10, 2016

This semester Prof. Helge Berger (IMF and FU Berlin) is offering the seminar “Current Topics on International Macroeconomics: If the Euro Area Crisis is over, why is Growth so low?”


The seminar will cover current issues in the broader area of macroeconomic policymaking—the topics and relevant literature are laid out in the syllabus. 


Participants will come together for a 2-day Blockseminar on Monday and Tuesday December 5th and 6th, 2016. Sessions will be held on FU premises and last approximately from 9 am to 5 pm, including a lunch break. 


On Monday, December 5th the seminar will take place in Room 315 (Garystr. 21), and on Tuesday December 6th in Room 328 (Boltzmannstr. 20).



  • The seminar will be conducted in English, including presentations, group discussions, and the expected written paper.
  • Interested students will indicate their 3 most preferred paper topics by October 21st, 2016 in an email to Pablo Anaya (pablo.anaya@fu-berlin.de), cc’ing Prof. Berger (macropolicy.fuberlin@gmail.com). Prof. Berger will be happy to address any specific questions on the seminar topics under the same email address.
  • Expectations for the seminar include:
  • Presentation slides submitted by Friday, November 25th, 2016. They will be shared with all participants to facilitate the discussion.
  • Active engagement in the discussion of presentations.
  • Preparation and submission of a seminar paper by March 31st, 2017.


Find further information in the Syllabus

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