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Public Lecture by Lawrence J. Christiano

News from May 09, 2016

Please note that the Bundesbank Guest Professor Lawrence J. Christiano will give a public lecture with the title `The Great Recession: Earthquake for Macroeconomics´ at Freie Universität Berlin on Monday, 30 May, 2016. The lecture will take place from 10.15 am - 11:45 am at Henry-Ford-Bau, Lecture Hall A, Garystraße 35, 14195 Berlin. In his lecture Lawrence Christiano will review the consequences of the financial crisis for macroeconomics.


The US financial crisis of 2007/2008 has had an enormous impact on macroeconomics. I review basic facts and the government’s policy responses. Both pose challenges for macroeconomic models. I review some of the responses to these challenges. If we compare what macroeconomists were doing before and after the financial crisis, the difference is so great that it resembles the aftermath of an intellectual earthquake.

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