Who can apply: DPBR membership is open to all PhD students who are admitted as doctoral candidates at the School of Business & Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. For admission to the doctorate procedure at our faculty:

Why apply to DPBR: The program supports especially during the first two years (qualification and specialization phase).

Benefits are:

  • Quality assurance

  • Transferable skills training

  • Interdisciplinarity

  • Networking

  • Preparation for the job market

Additional Benefits: Financial Support by DPBR:

  • Up to 400 EUR for one conference trip You must present at international conferences in Germany or abroad

  • Up to 250 EUR for external courses which are part of doctoral programs/ graduate schools such as Dahlem Research School ( Professional Development Program) or VHB ProDok

To enrol in the DPBR, please apply by submitting the following documents to the program coordinator:

  • A copy of the "Zulassung zur Promotion" issued by the Promotionsausschuss
  • A copy of your research proposal for the PhD project
  • A signed supervision agreement (“Betreuungsvereinbarung”).  This document requires the consent of students’ main supervisor regarding the creation of a supervision team and commitment to active participation in DPBR modules. By signing the supervisory agreement, applicants acknowledge their adherence to the FU Berlin's Code of Academic Conduct (Ehrenkodex).
  • A brief tabular CV with an overview of relevant qualifications and experience

Please send your application by email to or hand it to the program coordinator.

Dahlem Research School