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Here you can find the organizers of the Doctoral Program in Business Research.

DPBR organising team

Program Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Sascha Raithel

Marketing Department

Arnimallee 11
14195 Berlin

Tel.: + 49 30 838 56 809
E-Mail: dpbr@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de


Program Manager:


E-Mail: dpbr@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de


DPBR Executive Committee

DPBR's Executive Committee (Geschäftsführende Kommission) is currently occupied by the following members of our faculty:

Prof. Dr. Jochen Bigus

Prof. Dr. Gregory Jackson

Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer

Prof. Dr. Sascha Raithel (Head / Vorsitzender)

With consulting vote/voice:

Speaker of DPBR PhD students: Maximilian Höchst, M.Sc.

Dahlem Research School