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Application Documents

For German residents: Please submit the application form by post (two copies, three copies for trade union members). The documents should be sent as loose sheets in a transparent plastic folder (no application folder, no staples, no spiral bound).

If you are not a German resident or suffer from serious time constraints, you can submit your application by mail. Then, you need to scan your signature on the PDF document of the Hans Böckler Stiftung.

The application should include:

- CV: both tabular and detailed form

- Proof of personal unionist or sociopolitical involvement.

- An official transcript of the academic record and a degree certificate

- Exposé about your research proposal (max. 10 pages)

- enrollment certificate or admission if available.

- The completed application form of the Hans Böckler Stiftung.

The application form of the Hans Böckler Stiftung may be accessed here. Note that this application form merely exists in German. To facilitate your application in English, please find a translation and some further advice here.

The applicants may send the application documents until 10th December2018 to:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Giacomo Corneo

FB Wirtschaftswissenschaft - FU Berlin

Boltzmannstr. 20, 14195 Berlin


Applicants may receive additional information from the coordinator of the program, Holger Lüthen, Ph.D. (holger.luethen@fu-berlin.de).

The overall concept of the Ph.D. program may be accessed here.