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Further Scholarship Information

Scholarship announcement for the Ph.D. program on “Public economics and

Three Ph.D. scholarships starting on 1st October 2018 are offered within the Ph.D. program founded by Hans Böckler Foundation and Freie Universität Berlin:

  • Inequality and redistribution over the life-cycle
  • Health costs of inequality and unemployment
  • Options of pension policy against old-age poverty
  • Spending on education and health as methods of redistribution
  • Inheritance tax and intergenerational mobility
  • Top incomes from a gender specific point of view
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds and inequality

Doctoral candidates receive a monthly grant of 1,450€ (includes 1.350€ regular funding and a flat rate of 100€ for research costs). Additionally, a subsidy to candidates' helath insurance up  to 100€ may be granted as well as a family allowance, if applicable. The scholarships run for a maximum period of three years.

Scholarships allocation is decided based on the guidelines of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the sponsoring criteria of Hans Böckler Foundation. Applicants are expected to hold an above-average degree as well as to show unionist or sociopolitical

Applicants may receive additional information from the coordinator of the
program, Holger Lüthen, Ph.D. (holger.luethen@fu-berlin.de).

The overall concept of the Ph.D. program may be accessed here.