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Student orientation is our the highest principle.

Picture Discussion

Picture Discussion

Scientific foundation and practical relevance

The Master's programs of the MBM include the teaching of scientifically systematic methods with the help of which you can analyze, plan and design your current and future range of tasks from a company-related perspective. The conceptual design is based on the current requirements of operational practice. In addition, a large number of the written master's theses are put into practice.

Part-time conception

The MBM programs are part-time distance learning courses with integrated face-to-face seminars taking into account the situation of active managers or junior managers.

In view of the uncertainty about the course of the corona crisis, we have already decided to take measures for the upcoming academic year of the EMBM. As usual, the 38thclass of the EMBM will start with the face-to-face seminar I. As an alternative to the on-site seminars in Berlin, there will be the opportunity to participate in the seminars online, should the situation require it. By means of diverse teaching methods and interactive online learning formats, we have succeeded in creating an innovative, virtual educational environment that also ensures a comprehensive study experience online.

Interdisciplinary approach

The Master's programs of the MBM link business, economic and behavioral science modules to the specialist knowledge from your practical work. The China-Europe EMBM also places an additional emphasis on intercultural and China/Europe studies (law, politics, history and culture) enabling you to successfully conduct business in a Sino-European environment.

In the course of our almost 30 years of experience in management training, the following principles have proven to be successful. They ensure that you obtain the best possible benefit from your studies with us.



Integrative orientation

You are provided with a contemporary understanding of business processes and decisions, enabling you to reflect on problems and make management decisions from an interdisciplinary point of view.


The concept of the Master's degree programs allows you to focus on the content that is particularly interesting and relevant to your activities. Thus, it is open to you to adapt the duration of your studies as well as your study effort per week to your professional workload. We would also like to offer you flexibility if you are not satisfied with your studies. If you find out within the first four weeks that you do not like the program and you drop out, we will refund you 90 % of the tuition fees. For detailed information, please have a look at the fee statutes.

Personal study supervision

During your studies, you are assigned a personal supervisor who will be glad to guide, support and advise you.



Target group

Anyone who sees their professional future in the marketing of products or services to business customers is in the right place with us. The EMBM program conveys - scientifically sound and at the same time practical - business know-how the mastering of which is a prerequisite for this field of activity: marketing and sales knowledge as well as fundamentals in strategy, management and controlling.

The EMBM is aimed at executives and all those who want to become one. The course is intended to contribute to the further training of young marketing managers in manufacturing industries, in the service sector and in start-ups. The study program is designed for professionals with an undergraduate degree. Potential positions and fields of activity would be in particular managing directors, managers and (leading) employees from distribution/sales, marketing, field/office staff, key account management, product management, customer service/CRM as well as managing directors and (senior) employees from IT consultancies, management consultancies, marketing agencies and software houses.

The cross-industry applicability of the EMBM program with a focus on business-to-business marketing has been tested and confirmed by the participants for over 30 years.

Accreditation label

Accreditation label

Competence in the further training of executives

The "Master of Business Marketing (MBM)" comprises the two study programs EMBM and China-Europe EMBM offering specialized part-time and practice-oriented further education for management executives in the field of business-to-business marketing.

An essential feature of the MBM lies in the consistent student orientation of its degree programs: Scientific foundation and practical relevance, a flexible part-time concept, intensive personal study support as well as an interdisciplinary and integrative orientation. These characteristics guarantee our students a first-class marketing education at The Excellence University of Freie Universität Berlin.

In addition to our Master's program "Executive Master of Business Marketing" (EMBM), which has proven to be successful since 1985, the MBM has been offering the English-language "China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing" (China-Europe EMBM) since April 2014, another advanced education Master's program that specifically meets the professional and cultural requirements of European and Chinese executives in business-to-business marketing.

EMBM formerly Technical Sales

Founded in 1985 as a "Continuing Education Program in Technical Sales", the EMBM degree program has been designed from the outset as an executive program and has therefore - as one of the first university advanced education providers in Germany - been able to award its graduates a university Master's degree since 1998: – the "Master of Business Marketing (MBM)". Since 2005, the Master's program has operated under the name "Executive Master of Business Marketing" - EMBM for short. In addition to the proven fundamental modules, the current and international challenges as well as findings of business-to-business marketing are also taken into account. The following fundamental modules are offered:

  • "Marketing and Selling in Business-to-Business-Markets",
  • "Marketing and Selling in Service Markets",
  • "International Competitive Strategy" and
  • "Leadership Skills for Managing a Diverse Organization".

In addition, it is possible to specialize further by choosing two elective modules:

  • "Leading the Digital Transformation in Business and Service Markets",
  • "Monetizing Data in Business and Service Markets",
  • "Building, Monetizing, and Protecting Brands",
  • "Creating Environmental and Social Impact and Accountability" and/ or
  • "Current Topics in Marketing".

The EMBM is specially designed for executives and junior executives with a focus on the marketing of products or services to business customers (B2B). As a part-time distance learning course with integrated face-to-face seminars, you - a professional with an undergraduate degree, can acquire business know-how on a part-time basis within one year that you need for the successful marketing of products or services in the B2B business.

In addition to imparting modern marketing and sales knowledge, the program - scientifically sound and at the same time practical - also teaches fundamentals in strategy, management and controlling. This clear focus on content allows you to specialize in exactly the content that is actually relevant to your day-to-day practice.

With the EMBM, Freie Universität Berlin is taking on a pioneering position, because providers of such specialized master's degrees are still a rarity in the German-speaking advanced education market. The positive response from companies, the international interest, and the good reputation of Freie Universität Berlin as one of the few universities of excellence in Germany as well as the program established for 30 years are indicators of the long-term success of this Master's program.

Picture Freie Universität Berlin

Picture Freie Universität Berlin

Studying at Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin is currently one of the eleven "Universities of Excellence" in the Federal Republic of Germany that have successfully performed in all three funding lines of the Excellence Initiative of the Federal and State Governments and whose Excellence Concepts are being funded. It is one of the largest universities in Germany: 28,500 students are enrolled in over one hundred subjects at the 14 faculties. As part of the Dahlem Research School, Freie Universität specifically promotes young scientists and maintains more than 100 international partnerships with university-wide validity, and more than 15 percent of its students come from abroad. In addition, the accreditation agency AQAS has successfully system-accredited Freie Universität.

You can find further information about Freie Universität Berlin here.

Picture Department of Business and Economics

Picture Department of Business and Economics

The Department of Business and Economics and the Marketing Department

The Department of Business and Economics at Freie Universität Berlin is one of the largest economics departments in Germany. On December 4, 1948, the Department of Business and Economics was one of the founding faculties of the then newly founded Freie Universität Berlin. Numerous institutes and professorships in the field of business administration and economics offer students a wide range of interesting topics and possible combinations of subject matters.

Thanks to its excellent results in research and teaching, the department stands at the interface between science and industry: Regular lecture series, discussion forums and conferences bring board members, managing directors and decision-makers from practice to the department. The two Master's programs of the EMBM, with which the Marketing Department offers part-time management training, are just a few of the examples in which science and practice meet in an exciting exchange.

With three professorships in the field of business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing, the Marketing Department of Freie Universität Berlin stands for excellent teaching and research in the field of marketing. The teaching activities include the subject of marketing in the Bachelor's program "Business Administration", in the Master's programs "Management & Marketing" and "FACTS", courses in the context of doctoral programs and the application-oriented Master program "Master of Business Marketing (MBM)". An important focus is also on research in various fields in the field of marketing and the corresponding publication activities in journals, monographs and textbooks.

All information about the EMBM team can be found here.


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