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Leadership Skills for Managing a Diverse Organization

Qualification objectives

Students are required to have knowledge and skills that will prepare them to be effective managers of a diverse organization. Students learn such competences as presentation and negotiation skills during the seminar weeks. The course focuses on the acquisition of intercultural competence. To become an effective manager, students must also improve this competency, encourage diversity, as well as counteract unequal treatment triggered by socially constructed gender roles. Based on intercultural theories, students learn how to design and implement an inclusive workplace culture in an ethical and professional manner.


In this module, students will learn the essential skills to be an inclusive leader in diverse and international organizations. In doing so, students will learn the importance of diversity to organizations and theoretical perspectives on diversity. In addition to knowledge in intercultural communication and interpersonal relationships, students will understand and learn to apply inclusive leadership and inclusive leadership models. In addition to theoretical teaching, presentation and negotiation techniques will be learned and practically applied during the attendance phases.