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Marketing and Selling in Business-to-Business-Markets

Qualification objectives

Students understand the functionality of business-to-business markets as well as the role that marketing plays in such markets for their analysis and design. They will be able to systematically and purposefully comprehend and apply the relevant knowledge for a planned design of business-to-business markets, while taking into account the special features of organizational procurement and purchasing behavior in their professional environment.


The module provides an understanding of the functioning of business-to-business markets as well as the scientific fundamentals and practical application fields of business-to-business marketing. In particular, the following topics are covered: First, the basic concepts of business-to-business marketing are taught. Business-to-business marketing (B2B marketing) involves marketing activities that are directed from companies to companies. An essential component of business-to-business marketing is organizational buying behavior, since several people are usually involved on the supplier and customer side. These so-called buying centers are made up of different roles (e.g. engineers, business people and lawyers), which have an influence on the buying behavior of an organization. Customer value models are used to market B2B products or services. The potential customer is thereby made aware of the possible benefits that the company receives through the purchase of a product or service. A targeted approach to the customer is achieved through structured segmentation and a well-founded target market selection. The positioning of the supplier company also plays an important role. Another essential component of B2B marketing is business relationship management, in which an organization's interactions with existing and potential customers are systematically structured.