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Building, Monetizing, and Protecting Brands

Qualification objectives

Students are able to understand the importance of strong brands for the competitiveness of companies. They know what role brands play in strategic business management. Based on this, students will be able to develop brand strategies and implement them in the digital age. The students have tools for brand measurement and measuring the contribution of brands to success. The students learn about central challenges of brand management in connection with ethical issues and brand crises.


In this module, students are familiarized with the basics of successful brand management. In particular, they learn about the strategic fields of brand management. In addition, students learn how crises threaten brands and can be mastered. Students learn to apply the basics of strategic brand management in a B2B environment. In addition to the development of brand strategies, students learn about their implementation taking into account the challenges triggered by digitalization. In addition to these strategic and operational issues, the module provides knowledge of how brands and their success can be measured. Furthermore, students are enabled to master the ethical challenges in the context of brand management ("brand crisis").