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Monetizing Data in Business and Service Markets

Qualification objectives

Students are able to assess the importance of data-based service offerings for the competitiveness of a company and to develop a roadmap for the successful development and marketing of data-based service offerings. They will be able to analyze the data-related needs of customers and identify starting points for the development of data-based service offerings. Students will be able to assess customers' willingness to pay and, based on this, develop a pricing strategy and a suitable sales concept for data-based service offerings.


In this module, students will become familiar with the particular challenges and opportunities in developing and marketing data-based service offerings. The following topics will be addressed: First, the resource "data" is introduced and evaluated as a source of competitive advantage. Customer needs that can be derived from data are analyzed and typologies for creating data-based service offerings are developed. Furthermore, pricing models for data-based service offerings and the specifics of selling data-based service offerings are taught. Furthermore, current topics of the marketing of data-based service offerings will be analyzed and discussed.