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Picture of the library

Picture of the library
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Distance learning phases

Objective: Theory-Practice-Transfer II

A total of three distance learning phases take place between the face-to-face seminars. During the distance learning phases, you will receive distance learning material at regular intervals. It comprises teaching texts, exercises and written assignments, which you have to work through on your own. The exercises and written assignments serve to check the knowledge you have acquired: they are a test whether you have worked through and understood the teaching content.

Interactive personal study supervision

In order to ensure continuous individual support during the distance learning phases, personal study supervision is available to the participants. During the distance learning phases, our study coaches support you via telephone, e-mail or via a web portal. Regional student working groups also make it easier for you to find your way around your studies right from the start.

Flexible study

The teaching content from the face-to-face seminars, such as lecture slides and case studies, as well as all teaching texts in the form of eBooks are made available to you free of charge. In combination with the web portal, you can study in a flexible and mobile manner at any time.