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How high is the workload in principle and especially during the distance learning phases?

Since the EMBM is a part-time program of study, the workload, with the exception of the face-to-face seminars, is generally designed in such a way that it can be performed outside working hours and within the planned one-year course of study. Please note, however, that the EMBM program has a modular structure and is not structured according to semesters. The usual semesters, as they are common for full-time courses, therefore have only an administrative meaning here. There is therefore no official interruption of studies except for week 52 (turn of the year) and therefore no time free of exams, lectures or learning assignments in this sense. As a result, the study is on the one hand quite intensive, on the other hand it is possible to obtain 60 ECTS credit points for the one-year (= 2-semester) part-time EMBM study corresponding to a one-year full-time study (1 ECTS credit point = 30 hours of work; 30 ECTS per semester = about 900 working hours).

Usually, part-time study programs structured in semesters only award 60 ECTS credit points for 3 semesters (= 1.5 years). More information on the ECTS points system can be found here.

Basically, of course, it is individually very different how much time you need or want to spend especially for self-study, but also for recreation and private life, for example. Many factors play a role (understanding and support from employer/family/partner, previous knowledge, learning type, work situation, self-discipline, living environment, motivation, etc.). Most of our students spend between eight and twelve hours per week studying during the distance learning phases.