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Are the face-to-face seminars considered educational leave?

The seminars of the EMBM of Freie Universität Berlin are generally recognized in the federal states of Berlin and Hamburg. On request, we create regular and standard certificates of participation for our participants, as many are supported by their employers either financially or at least temporally, i.e. with the possibility of educational leave. As you are legally entitled to 10 days of educational leave within 2 years, you could cover a total of four face-to-face seminars, such as the classroom seminar I in 2022 and another seminar in 2023, with educational leave. Of course, there is always the possibility that you negotiate with your employer to grant you, in addition to the educational leave, further leave for the other seminars. The process is usually as follows: You to apply for educational leave with your employer, usually through an internal company form or an informal letter. Your employer must then apply for the reimbursement of your training days with the Federal Employment Agency. At the end of each seminar, you receive the mentioned certificate of participation from us and present it to your employer. You would then have to ask your employer for further details on the process.