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I need 300 ECTS credit points to receive the academic Master's degree. Through my Bachelor's degree I already have 180 ECTS points and through the EMBM I receive another 60 ECTS points. How can I obtain the remaining ECTS credits?

You can be admitted to the EMBM program with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with 180 ECTS and would receive a total of 300 ECTS upon successful completion.

For this purpose, you can be credited with 60 ECTS for your proven professional experience, so that you reach the required 300 ECTS. This is particularly possible because EMBM is an explicitly application-oriented course of study, similar to an MBA, but with particular specialization in (business-to-business) marketing. On request, you can receive a separate confirmation of the additional 60 ECTS awarded at the beginning of your studies.

How is this possible? According to the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG) and the examination regulations of the EMBM, competences, knowledge and skills that have been acquired outside the university can be credited. Actually, taking into account the first professional university degree, you would usually need at least 240 ECTS to get the corresponding credit points with a Master's degree of 60 ECTS such as the EMBM.