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What are the criteria for admission?

In total, there are 30 study places per year at EMBM. These places are given to those applicants who meet the entry requirements. If there are more qualified applicants than study places, a ranking is created. Among others, the final grade of the first degree, the length of professional experience, management activities, the proximity of the current activity to the study contents, the letter of motivation and the goals of the applicants play a role here. Overall, however, the chances are good that you will receive a study place if you meet the admission requirements.

The application period for the 38th year (starting from October 2022) ends on 15.07.2022. If there are still free places, there will be another application round with an application deadline of 31.08.2022 . Successful applicants will not receive their admission notes until expiration of the application deadline, i.e. after the Admissions Office of Freie Universität has received all applications and has been able to evaluate all complete documents conclusively. After this initial evaluation by the Admissions Office, an Admissions Committee, consisting of the responsible staff and professors at the EMBM, will make the final decisions regarding the applications and admissions. Thus, the admission notes for applications received by 15 July 2022 will be mailed after the expiration of the application deadline, probably in August 2022.