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What do tuition fees include?

The tuition fees of €17,000 for the first year of study of the EMBM program include the following services in addition to the semester fees and contributions:

  • Personal study supervision by a scientific staff member
  • All teaching texts of the degree program in digitized form
  • A detailed study guide and structured literature references to work on the submission assignments
  • Written assessments of the written assignments and the master's thesis
  • Participation in the four seminars of the degree program
  • All seminar documents in digitized form (e.g. lecture notes and case studies)
  • Participation in the module examinations
  • Exercises and e-trainings on the learning platform "Blackboard" for exam preparation
  • Free coffee breaks and lunches during the seminars

Please differentiate between the following costs:

  • the 'tuition fees' (17,000 € for the EMBM),
  • the so-called 'semester fees and contributions' (in the current semester 312.89 €, this changes sometimes slightly from semester to semester), which are included in the 'tuition fees' of 17,000 € for the first year of study (standard period of study).