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Inside EMBM with Mrs. Melesse

"After I was already 4 years after my bachelor's degree in professional life, I had the urge for a new, academic challenge. Maybe some people know this thought."

Jul 27, 2021

Picture Melesse

Picture Melesse

Search Engine Optimization - the adaptation to Google's search algorithm plays a medium-sized role in my master's thesis, which must be sent to the marketing department of Freie Universität in exactly one month and at the same time I can actively influence the rank of this blog entry in the Google search of prospective students. In the following few lines, I will try to provide my experience in the Executive Master of Business Marketing with the most concise keywords possible, which have a particularly high relevance for me as well as for potential interested parties of this continuing education Marketing Master's program.

How did I come to EMBM? After I was already 4 years after my bachelor's degree in professional life, I had the urge for a new, academic challenge. Maybe some people know this thought: "At some point you will do your master's!". In 2020, the time had come: the year of working from home, pondering and reflection gave me the opportunity to to break new grounds and have the courage to start my master's degree at the age of 27. Like you, I first started with the classic Google search: What did the market for continuing education courses have to offer for someone with my needs? After a few hours of searching, I was able to define an exact requirement profile for myself, based on my current professional circumstances. 1. I needed a course of study that was well compatible with my job, which requires flexible learning and study phases. 2. The structure of the course of study should be similar to that of an MBA - i.e. with increased practical relevance. 3. The university should have a very good reputation. 4. The content would solidify my standing in my profession and provide me with marketing and management frameworks that I can actually use. 4. The costs should be realistic. 5. The course of study should take place online. 6. I wanted to sustainably increase my chances on the job market. After reading some reviews and articles about the EMBM and the FU, taking a consultation and even contacting an alumni via LinkedIn, I rather quickly decided for the EMBM.

The time was extremely instructive, challenging and inspiring for me and flew by and now I am about to ceremoniously accept my first master's degree. And I learned two things during my year of a master's degree at the FU Berlin: I had not taken the human factor into account in my research. The supervision by the research assistants and professors was very valuable. I have never felt as professionally confident as I did with the input I received and was able to practically apply in my company. My chances on the job market have actually increased massively. Right after my graduation, I'll start a job in Dublin in marketing for one of the biggest tech companies in the world (no, it's not Google :)). With a double salary, a multiplied wealth of knowledge and a master's degree, it is now time for the next challenge!

Good luck and fun at EMBM!