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Is an MBA or EMBM an academic title?

Wondering what the academic title "MBM" or "MBA" means? In this blog post we explain the different titles.

May 22, 2021

Academic title

Academic title

Upon completion of an MBA/EMBM program, you will receive an academic degree, i.e. the degree certificate of your university. This can be, for example, a Bachelor or Master of Arts (B.A./ M.A),which is awarded in linguistics and cultural studies. In natural science subjects, a Bachelor or Master of Science is usually awarded (B.Sc/ M.Sc). In the field of economics, a Bachelor or Master of Arts or a Bachelor or Master of Science is awarded, depending on the content orientation.

By studying the Executive Master of Business Marketing (EMBM), your degree is "Master of Business Marketing" (MBM). An essential feature of the MBM lies in its consistent customer-oriented orientation: scientific foundation and practical relevance, a flexible part-time concept, intensive personal study support as well as an interdisciplinary and integrative orientation. These characteristics guarantee our students a first-class marketing education at the University of Excellence Freie Universität Berlin.

After completing your studies, you can therefore put the degree after your name. For example, Mrs. Anne Mustermann, MBM. This also applies to a Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.Sc). The academic degree is not placed in front of the name. This is the case with an academic title, such as the completion of a doctorate (Dr.) or the appointment to a professorship (Prof. Dr. Anne Mustermann).