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Student orientation - what does it really mean?

We have asked Johanna, a current student at EMBM, what student orientation means to her?

May 03, 2022

Johanna Engelhardt

Johanna Engelhardt

"I was positively surprised to read about student orientation at Freie University Berlin as a state university. Typically, student orientation is something you would expect from a private business school. So it is even nicer to enjoy the services of a private business school at such a renowned state university.

However, what exactly is student orientation? For the EMBM team, Student Orientation stands for flexible and customizable teaching at the highest level. Personal circumstances or professional developments can lead to bottlenecks for EMBM students, making it challenging to study according to the regular schedule. If necessary written assignments can be submitted flexibly in terms of time and contrast to the rigid examination deadlines of a conventional Master's program. 

The individual support provided by the study coaches also makes it possible to receive direct feedback on one's performance on the written assignments. Those written assignments are assessed with a detailed report so that students can incorporate this feedback into their next written assignment. You also may wonder how it is possible to write a Master's thesis during this one-year program? Through an early exchange with the study coaches about the topic of the master's thesis and the outline, it is possible to concentrate on the writing in the summer and complete the master's thesis within the year."