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How do I tell my boss?

The decision for the EMBM comes with a financial cost and the studies also affect your job. With this blog article we give you tips on how to convince your boss to support you.

May 31, 2021

Interview situation

Interview situation

Involve your supervisor in the decision-making process in good time. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different training options together. By involving your supervisor in the decision-making process, you give him or her the opportunity to express their opinion instead of presenting them with a fait accompli.

Explain why you want to continue your education. The EMBM program offers you the opportunity to advance professionally and personally. Further training motivates you to do your current job even better. In addition, you want to learn to work even more professionally, which will also be a benefit to your team and your direct working environment. As a result, the costs for your continuing education studies will be quickly amortized and you can bring in new impulses that can also relieve your boss.

Address the great increase in knowledge that is directly linked to your company. Spread over the academic year, you submit a total of 12 written assignments by applying the learned theory directly to your company in a given task. In addition, the master's thesis offers you the opportunity to deal intensively with a practical project. In everyday life, there is often not enough time to think through a project scientifically. For example, as part of your master's thesis, you could deal with the introduction of a new sales strategy, create a new advertising concept, check a foreign market development or develop the introduction of a customer portal. In addition to the general advantages of further training, this allows you to respond to the more specific circumstances of your employer.

One hurdle could be that you will be in Berlin four times for about a week. Try to ensure a smooth process in your absence and discuss how the work can be done. By the way, you can either take leave for the face-to-face seminars, apply for educational leave, or ask your employer for an exemption.

Often our students’ employers take over all or part of the tuition fees, in return agreements are often made to bind you as an employee to the company for a few more years. This prevents possible concerns that you will be paid for the training and use this step as a springboard for the next career step in another company. Show your loyalty and emphasize what you value about your current job and that you want to use the training to make your current job even better. Weigh carefully which option makes the most sense for you and your life situation.

And what can you do if you notice that your employer is putting obstacles in your way? Hand on heart: Is this the right environment for you? Do you feel comfortable and appreciated? Successful companies support their employees in being successful. If it even comes down to the fact that the study becomes a thorn in the side of your employer, then now is the right time to reorient yourself!