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In our blog, we would like to address useful information and specific questions that you may ask yourself as an EMBM prospective student.

The EMBM team wishes you a lot of fun reading!

Student orientation - what does it really mean?

We have asked Johanna, a current student at EMBM, what student orientation means to her?

Inside EMBM with Mrs. Melesse

"After I was already 4 years after my bachelor's degree in professional life, I had the urge for a new, academic challenge. Maybe some people know this thought."

What does "B2B marketing" actually mean?

Are you wondering what B2B marketing means or are you unsure how to develop a functioning B2B marketing strategy? In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the fundamentals and importance of B2B marketing.

How do I tell my boss?

The decision for the EMBM comes with a financial cost and the studies also affect your job. With this blog article we give you tips on how to convince your boss to support you.

Is an MBA or EMBM an academic title?

Wondering what the academic title "MBM" or "MBA" means? In this blog post we explain the different titles.

4 tips for starting your studies

On the one hand, you are already looking forward to your start of studies in October and, on the other hand, you are wondering how you can organize your work, studies and private life?

How long does an MBA/MBM program take?

The duration of a Master's program can be decisive for you when choosing your study program. In this blog post, we would therefore like to give you some general information about the basic duration of MBA and MBM programs.

Is a Master's degree financially worthwhile?

The number of Master's students has highly increased in recent years. An important reason seems to be the increasing career opportunities. But is a master's degree worthwhile from a financial point of view?

Time management! How complex is an MBA/MBM?

Can part-time studies be mastered alongside your job? How much time should you plan for self-studies? In this article we would like to describe our experiences and and give you some advice.

When is the right time for an MBA/MBM?

When is the right time for further vocational training? Is the Executive Master of Business Marketing (EMBM) suitable for you? What distinguishes the EMBM from other programs? Here you will find answers to these questions.