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"The EMBM degree has considerably broadened my horizons: Not only is business marketing an ideal thematic supplement to my engineering studies, and I can use the knowledge I gained in many different ways in customer service. Academic work and thinking outside the box of my industry have also proven to be extremely valuable and relevant to my career. The course of study has enabled me to develop a vision of customer orientation in the public service sector and to argue for it. It was the right step - both thematically and academically."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexandra Pohl-Hempel, BG Verkehr, Ship Safety Department, Head of the Certificate Pool

"Looking back, I can say that the EMBM was really worth it. Acquiring knowledge again through practice-oriented, scientific work, in the combination of attendance and distance phases, was fun. The structure of the course of study and the support of the experienced team help to cope with the workload. An additional help on the way to the master's degree was the support of my employer."

Nalin Sudan, BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH, Head of E-Commerce

"Meaningful and valuable investment in one's own future with the opportunity to supplement practical everyday working life with theoretical knowledge and to increase one's own experience and skills in the field of sales and marketing. An intensive course of study with a high degree of practical orientation and valuable content for all areas of technical sales."

Nikolas A. Sturmowski, Porsche Branch Berlin GmbH, Head of Sales

"Technical sales and the tourism industry: at first glance very different. At second glance, a great symbiosis: The course offers the basis for transfer payments, which are particularly exciting for the service sector and give me new perspectives in everyday professional life."

Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH) Stefanie Brandes, MBM; Aldiana Ltd.; Head of Marketing & Sales

"I didn't think that this Master's degree would give me such a sustainable knowledge advantage again. A truly worthwhile investment in your own career. I can fully recommend the MBM."

Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Marc Schardt, MBM; Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI); Speaker

"My studies showed me in an impressive way how I can use theory and systematics to cope with my practical tasks in the company."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Glogowsky, MBM; Siemens AG; Strategieabteilung Industry Automation Division

"With the EMBM, I have gained additional knowledge that I can use successfully, especially in advising entrepreneurs from Italy and to open up the German market."

Dr. Vincenza D'Ambrogio, MBM; Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany e.V.; Senior Project Manager

"Even from Asia, it is possible to exchange information with the study supervisor by e-mail and to submit the written assignments on time."

Dr. Gerd Irion, MBM; Syngenta AG; Head Indirect Procurement Operations

"Through my acquired knowledge, for example in cost accounting, I have gained additional skills in dealing with the merchants of our company and our customers."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Fett-Schudnagis, MBM; Klüber Lubrication München KG; Market Manager

"Not a day goes by when I don't put the contents and methods of my studies, especially key account management, into practice with my employees."

Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. Andreas Cohrs, MBM; Johann Rohrer GmbH; Regional Manager

"Continuous training is more important today than ever...! Many suggestions and ideas from this well-founded additional course of study could be put directly into practice."

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Kfm. Jörg Kenngott, MBM; KENNGOTT STAIRS; Entrepreneur

"The publications of the EMBM are important tools in the processing of the tasks that arise in the marketing of products and services to business customers."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gabriele Willems, MBM; Hochtief Solutions AG; Head of Strategy

"In order to maintain the professional level, you have to continue your education. The MBM Alumni offers me ideal conditions for this even after completing my studies."

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wolfram Leitsmann, MBM; Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft mbH; Head of Information and Communication Technology

"Studying gave me a lot of pleasure and was very inspiring. In addition, it was an important basis for my professional career - specifically for the time directly following my studies."

Dr. Mona Frost, MBM; BERLIN-CHEMIE AG; Business Unit Manager Check-Up