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The China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing program conveys important Sino-European business know-how which you need for successfully marketing and selling goods or services to business customers in both markets: knowledge of marketing & sales from a European perspective, basics in strategy, management, intercultural and China/European studies, as well as doing business in China.

Fully taught in English, the China-Europe EMBM program is designed as a 16 months part-time distance study program with integrated on-site seminars in Berlin and China (e.g. Beijing).The highly-flexible curriculum offers you the opportunity to study in two of the respective continent’s most important capitals will enable you to enhance your management competences in Sino-European contexts, strengthen your cultural sensibility and leadership skills and help you to broaden your personal network with other top executives from Europe and China.

Compulsory Modules

During the first eight months of the study program, you will learn the basics that you need to master regardless of your industry or area of activity.

Module 1: Understanding Business Markets and Marketing

This module gives a comprehensive overview of the key principles of business marketing. Students will be introduced into methods and theories in order to understand business markets and marketing better. Not only are the principles of business marketing adressed, but also deep knowledge of organizational buying and market research on business markets. The module sets the stage for developing marketing programs for business markets in their different facets. Students work particularly on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of the Market Process
  • The Core Concept of Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Business Buying Behavior
  • Business Market Research
  • Current Topics in Business-to-Business Marketing

Module 2: Understanding and Developing Programs for Business Markets

In this module, students become particularly familiar with the various perspectives involved in strategy developments on the different levels of corporate strategy, competitive strategy and marketing strategy, including market segmentation. The module also covers the instruments that are used to serve the markets (i.e. the design of the product/service offering, distribution channels, sales management, communication, and pricing). Students work particularly on the following topics:

  • Corporate and Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design of the Product/Service Offering (PSO)
  • Designing Distribution Channel Systems
  • Current Topics in Developing Programs for Business Markets

Module 3: Doing Business in China

This module is provided by the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Its content provides advanced instruction in business activity in China. Topics include managing business relationships, sales structures, value creation structures, etc.

Module 4: Intercultural Studies (China and European Studies)

This module provides students with advanced instruction in sample areas of the following:

  • History and culture of China and Europe, focusing on the 19th and 20th century in China as well as on the 20th century in Europe.
  • Chinese and European economy: development of economy and labor organization, quantitative and sectoral developments in the economy, European integration, economic relations with other countries, the development of law, legal policy, and legal relations, as well as current issues.
  • Politics and society in China and Europe: political organization, the nature, form, and function of the state; China's and Europe’s global position and international relations, societal organizations, social structures and movements, the transformation of society and ethnicity.

Elective Modules

The second eight months of the program can be tailored to your individual interests and your personal needs. You can choose from the following three modules, combining two modules according to your preferences:

Module 5: Business Relationship Management and Marketing

In this module, students learn about relationship management, key account management and customer orientation. The module is dedicated to illustrating and reflecting these concepts and their corresponding methods and instruments. In addition, particular features of Sino-European business relationships are highlighted. Students are required to choose and prepare two topics, examples include:

  • Customer Value and Customer Selection
  • Strategies of Business Relationship Management
  • Business Relationship Management and Marketing in a European-Chinese Context
  • Internal Implementation of Business Relationship Management (Key Account Management)
  • Current Topics in Business Relationship Management and Marketing


Module 6: Business Project Management and Marketing

In this module, students focus particularly on issues involved in successfully managing projects on business markets. Students are required to choose and prepare two topics, examples include:

  • Inquiry Evaluation and Proposal Preparation
  • Pricing and Revenue Planning in the Project Business
  • Negotiation Management
  • Contract Management
  • Current Topics in Business Project Management and Marketing

Module 7: Developing Marketing Programs for Business Markets

In this module, students have the opportunity to expand upon the basic knowledge and skills they have acquired and take a more advanced, in-depth approach by focusing on specific challenges in business market and product management. Students are required to choose and prepare two topics, examples include:

  • Sales Force Management
  • Communication Strategy in Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Price Management
  • Multistage Marketing
  • Current Topics in Market and Product Management