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Presentations of the Marketing-Department at the 6th Conference on Business Market Management in Bamberg, Germany

News from Jun 19, 2013

The Marketing-Department of Freie Universität Berlin participates in the 6th International Conference on Business Market Management (BMM). The conference takes place June 20 to June 22 at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Germany. Members of the Marketing-Department give the following presentations:

  • Baxter/Kleinaltenkamp: "Intended Resource Inputs Into Customer Relationships"
  • Geiger: "What do we need to talk about?" - Agende Setting, Issue Management and Issue Based Tactics in Business-to-Business Sales Negotiations"
  • Kleinaltenkamp/Nenonen/Storbacka: "When Solution Business is not the Solution but the Problem"
  • Danatzis/Geiger/Grossmann/Kleinaltenkamp/Zhu: Special Session "Fairness in Inter-Organizational Relationships"
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