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Presentations of the Marketing-Department at the ANZMAC 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand

News from Nov 27, 2013

The Marketing-Department of Freie Universität Berlin participates in the 29th Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC 2013). The conference takes place December 01 to December 03 at the University of Auckland Business School in New Zealand. Members of the Marketing-Department give the following presentations:

  • Sibum/Kleinaltenkamp: "The Degree of Dispersion of Marketing Activities in B2B Organizations",
  • Kellermann/Kleinaltenkamp: "Agent-based Simulation in Marketing: A Tool For Combining Marketing Concepts with Dynamics and Social Interaction",
  • Zhu/Kleinaltenkamp: "Where Should Fairness Judgment be Anchored?"

In addition, Professor Kleinaltenkamp will lead a Special Seesion about "Usage Processes and Value-in-Use – From Concepts to Relevance". Participants in the panel discussion are Tom Chen from the University of Newcatle, Pennie Frow from the University of Sydney, Linda Hollebeek from the University of Waikato, Ingo Karpen from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Adrian Payne from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Professor Kleinaltenkamp will also present at the "Meet-the-Editors"-Session of the "Journal of Business Market Management (jbm)".

Before the conference Ilias Danatzis, Silvia Stroe and Carolin Wernicke will present their dissertation projects during a Doctoral Colloquium.

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