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Presentations of the Marketing-Department at the 3rd International Conference on Path Dependence in Berlin, Germany

News from Feb 14, 2014

The Marketing-Department as well as affiliated marketing related research work from participants from the Pfadkolleg of Freie Universität Berlin participate in the 3rd International Conference on Path Dependence. The conference takes place February 17 to February 18 at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Members of the Marketing-Department and affiliated participants from the Pfadkolleg give the following presentations:

  • Grossmann/Petermann/Kleinaltenkamp: "Path Dependence in B2B Relationships: Partner-Specific ABsorptive Capacity as a Self-Reinforcing Mechanism"
  • Fürstenau/Kellermann: "Path creation in the passenger transportation industry: What can air learn from rail?"
  • Schulte: "Linking path dependent lock-in and consumer lock-in in service relationships to elaborate the individual and social levels lock in"
  • Siray: "Combining Marketing Theory and Path Dependence - Measuring and De-locking Rigid Consumer Behavior"
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