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Presentations of the Marketing-Department at the 43rd Europeam Marketing Academy Conference in Valencia, Spain

News from Jun 02, 2014

The Marketing-Department of Freien Universität Berlin participates in the 43rd European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC). The conference takes place June 03 to June 16 in Valencia, Spain. Members of the Marketing-Department give the following presentations:

  • Zhu/Kleinaltenkamp/Geiger: "Where Should Fairness Judgment Be Anchored? Fairness as a Decision Heuristic for Achieving Inter-Firm Compliance"
  • Baxter/Kleinaltenkamp: "How Relationship Conditions Affect Suppliers’ Resource Inputs"
  • Danatzis/Kleinaltenkamp: "Creating Value-In-Use in B2B Markets: The Role of Customer Resource Integration Readiness"
  • Gottschalk/Mafael: "Cutting Through the Online Review Jungle - Exploring Strategic Patterns of E-WOM Handling"

  • Mafael/Gottschalt/Kreis/Deckert: "The Impact of Brand Strength on Consumers’ Reactions Towards E-WOM"

  • Asche/Kreis/Schipper/Seifert: "Mobile Value-Added Services - a Multidimensional Framework Relating Flanking Apps to a Core Service"

  • Pick/Zielke/Hoyer: "Framing and Communicating Higher Prices for Green Energy Consumption"

  • Eisend/Pick: "Impact of Switching Costs on Loyalty Types, Customer Engagement and Switching - A Meta-Analysis in Service Markets"

In addition, the following posters were presented: 

  • Fonferek: "Pricing & Consumer Decision Making - Results of an Experimental Study Analyzing Consumer Evaluation of Premium Brands Private Labeled in Retailing"
  • Herm/Hans-Markus/Möller/Kreis: "The Judge Principle: A New Paradigm For Information Aggregation in Crowdsourcing Processes"
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