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Presentation of Deputy Director of State Radio Monitoring Center during on-site seminar II of the China-Europe EMBM in Shenzhen, China

China-Europe EMBM

China-Europe EMBM
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News from Sep 04, 2014

Professor Song Qizhu, Ph.D., Deputy Director of State Radio Monitoring Center of China, gave a presentation during the on-site seminar II of the China-Europe EMBM in Shenzhen. The on-site seminar took place on the campus of the Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) in Shenzhen. The topic of Dr. Song's presentation was "Big Data and New Radio Technology Development".

Big data is a product of the rapid development of Internet and information industry, which is a disruptive technology revolution after the cloud computing and the internet of things. In the age of big data, data mining, distributed systems, cloud computing, wireless communication, and many other technical areas will face great challenge. Wireless communication technique as a carrier of data transmission, it also have some characteristics such as large bandwidth requirements, high transmission rate, the diversification of application. Therefore, how to improve spectrum utilization, reasonable plan of increasingly scarce spectrum resources, monitor various Spectrum technologies, research on potential spectrum utilization and channel transmission characteristic, will be the big challenges for new radio technology development in the age of big data.

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