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Application Process


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The application process can only be done online through the Online Application Portal of Freie Universität Berlin (do not send any hardcopy via mail). A detailed guideline with all the necessary steps for application is listed below. Please read the information posted carefully and follow the listed steps:

  1. Fill out the attached application form + prepare your Letter of Motivation (see instructions on the application form).

  2. Prepare the following documents and scan them as separate PDF files:

    • ▪ Degree Certificate (e.g. Bachelor)
    • ▪ Certificate of Employment (indicating entrance date and issue/signature date)
    • ▪ Certificate/Proof regarding English proficiency (or take the offered online video interview by following the instructions listed above under Option C)
    • ▪ Letter of Motivation (see application form for detailed instructions)

    If the above documents are not in German or English, please also provide an authorized translation.

  3. Create an application account: follow this link for registration: https://identity.fu-berlin.de/registration/?lang=en. (After that we will send a confirmation mail to the e-mail address you entered. Please click on the link provided in that e-mail in order to activate your account. Do not forget to click on the link since it will only be valid for one day.)

  4. Follow this link: http://www.fu-berlin.de/en/studium/bewerbung/master/weiterbildende-masterstudiengaenge/link-bewerbung-master-weiterbildend/index.html. Then open the link at the very bottom of the page "Online-Form for Continuing Education Master Programs Application Portal" to start the online application process.

  5. About 24 hours later the system has processed your application. Now open the email you received after having applied online and click on the provided link to go to the applicant information portal. You will be directed to the Online Information Portal. Click on Bewerberinfo der Freien Universität Berlin to get to the login page for the Online Information Application. Please upload all the requested documents listed below:

    • ▪ Application Form (see step 1)
    • ▪ Application Documents (see step 2).

  6. Summary: Your application is finished after you are successfully registered in our Online Application Portal (see step 4) and uploaded the requested application documents (see step 5). If you chose the offered online video interview we will also consider the results for admission. NB: Do not send any hardcopy via mail.