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Your Benefits

Solid academic foundation with reference to real-world practice

The China-Europe EMBM program includes instruction in systematic academic methods you can use to analyze, plan, and design your current and future range of tasks from the perspective of the overall business. The conceptual design is based on the current requirements of professional practice. Our more than 30 years of experience in educating working professionals show, that the majority of the master’s degree theses written are implemented in practice.

Part-time concept designed for working professionals

The China-Europe EMBM is a distance study program for working professionals with integrated on-site seminars, which accommodates the busy life situations and time constraints of executives and junior managers.

Interdisciplinary approach

The program gives you a contemporary understanding of industrial marketing processes and decisions, which you can leverage as the basis for an interdisciplinary approach in your thinking and management as you interface with others. The curriculum combines intercultural studies, elements of business administration, economics, and behavioral science with the specialized knowledge you bring with you from your professional practice.

Intercultural learning experience

Executives mainly from Europe and China study together and thus have ample opportunity to learn from each other by sharing perspectives.


The study program is designed to ensure that you can concentrate on the content that matches your interests and activities. You may also adjust the weekly study workload to accommodate your professional requirements.

Personal academic supervision and advising 

To ensure ongoing individual supervision and advising for program participants during the distance study phases, each student has a personal study advisor. Advising is provided during the distance study phases via individual phone advising sessions and by e-mail as well as on an online portal.


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