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PhD Fast Track

Quick-start your PhD

Since the establishment of the PhD Fast Track, the cooperation between the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) and our Master program has increased further. We were able to acquire a renowned graduate school for a close cooperation.

The main objective of the Fast-Track is the early promotion of young, motivated and outstanding early-stage researchers with the intention of obtaining a doctoral degree. The Fast-Track enables students of the Master program in Public Economics to attend basic courses of the BSE already during their master studies and thus to benefit from the contact and exchange with the PhD students of the BSE. Ideally, due to the Fast-Track, students may shorten the total length of their master and doctoral studies by a whole year by completing all of the 1st-year basic courses of the BSE during their master studies.

You may already apply for a Fast Track program study place at the Berlin School of Economics at the beginning of your Master studies. If your application is successul, you shall benefit from exciting support opportunities, such as access to workshops and seminars. 

An application at the beginning of your Master's is nevertheless not absolutely necessary to quick-start your doctorate. You may take BSE courses independently from your study place at the Fast Track program. The possibility of a double recognition in your Master Public Economics and in the BSE remains open. 

Further information on applying for the Berlin School of Economics PhD.

The prerequisite is to be enrolled in our Master in Public Economics. Furthermore, besides this requisite, you are free to take courses at BSE. Yet it is advisable to coordinate your participation with the lecturer in advance.

Since the BSE has a broad course offer, you may also find courses from other fields of the Economic Sciences. In order to get a course recognized for your studies, said courses must match similar courses in your Public Economics program and/or have a Public Economics in order to be considered within the elective area. The courses at BSE meet international standards which means that they are suitable for recognition in other PhD programs too.

Your participation at BSE courses does not guarantee a successful application fort the highly demanded graduate program. In order to be considered, you are to apply separately.

Only after a successful admission at BSE shall the approved courses be recognized. Said courses remain recognized for your Master studies regardless of the outcome of the BSE application process.

Further information on the BSE application

You will find the programs of the BDPEMS and of DIW GC on their respective websites. Courses therein offered by our lecturers may be taken without a previous enrollment. If you would like to take other courses, then you may want to coordinate your participation in advance with the Master’s coordination on the concrete recognition possibilities.

Information on the BPDEMS course program

Information on the DIW GC course program

General questions on the PhD Fast Track as well as to the recognition possibilities of BSE courses may be addressed anytime to the Master’s coordination or the BSE coordinators. We are glad to assist you.