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What’s It About? What Is It?

The mentoring unit was newly created at the School of Business and Economics. As part of the SUPPORT project, the goal is for experienced students to provide support and advice to students just starting their studies. Beginning students not only have to tackle new content, they also often have to learn ways of working that are completely new and different from those they used in school. At the university, independent study, research, presentation, scholarly working techniques, and much more are required. Students also have to juggle appointments and deadlines, living in a new place, and jobs to finance their studies. These and other topics are covered in the mentoring sessions, which are tentatively scheduled to be offered starting in the 2013/14 winter semester. The mentoring unit organizes a mentoring session program that offers you the opportunity to participate in group mentoring. Sessions take place in small groups led by experienced students (mentors). Each mentor assists a small group over the entire semester.

Participation and Registration

If you wish to participate in the program as a mentor, please send an email stating your full name, core study subject, and student ID number to mentoring@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de. In response, you will receive all the information you need regarding the application process and the project.

If you wish to participate as a mentee, please send your application to the following email address (the same address as above): mentoring@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de.


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Garystr. 21

14195 Berlin

E-Mail: mentoring@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de

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