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Quality Management

The quality management system for studying and teaching  of the Freie Universität Berlin is characterized by the principle of decentralization and follows the guiding principle of dialogue. For effective goal- and result-oriented university management and systematic quality management, the departments act with a high degree of responsibility and make decisions close to academic responsibility.

Bindingly defined procedures and decision-making processes as well as institutionalized exchange routines between central and decentralized actors ensure communication and transparency. With the constant further development of its quality management system, Freie Universität Berlin reacts to changed internal and external requirements, ensures their implementation and invests specifically in the expansion of its own structures.
Processes implemented at the School of Business & Economics can be viewed here

Freie Universität Berlin was the first university in Berlin to be successfully system-accredited. The decision of the accreditation agency AQAS on August 29, 2016 was made on the basis of an external assessment process and certifies that the quality management system of Freie Universität Berlin guarantees that the quality standards for study programs are achieved and that the quality standards of the programs can be continuously improved.

In Germany, it is regulated by law that bachelor's and master's degree programmes must be subjected to quality control, i.e. must be accredited. In addition, the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz, BerlHG) stipulates in Section 8a that study programmes must regularly be assessed qualitatively. All study programmes in the School of Business & Economics have successfully passed the established quality assurance system and bear the quality seal of the Accreditation Council. The accreditation criteria evidenced by the internal accreditation are met.

Study Programme accredited since
B.Sc. Business Studies 14.11.2016
B.Sc. Economics 14.11.2016
M.Sc. Management & Marketing (M&M)   14.11.2016
M.Sc. Finance, Accounting, Taxation and Supplements (FACTS) 14.11.2016 
M.Sc. Information Systems 14.11.2016 
M.Sc. Economics 14.11.2016 
M.Sc. Public Economics  14.11.2016
MBM Executive Master in Business Management (wb.)  14.11.2016
EMBM China-Europe Executive Master in Business Management (Wb.)  14.11.2016