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New publication in Asian Business & Management

News vom 23.09.2020

Together with Martin Högl from LMU Munich, Silja Hartmann has published the article “Bouncing back, if not beyond: Challenges for research on resilience.” in the journal Asian Business & Management.



Setbacks are a fact of life for individuals and collectives—and resilience is a key concept in explaining why some entities positively adapt (i.e., bounce back) or even emerge stronger (i.e., bounce beyond), while others suffer from such events, sometimes permanently. In this short note, we briefly introduce the concept of resilience before moving to three key challenges for management research in this field. With this, we would like to encourage the international scholarly research community to view any phenomenon of their interest also from a resilience perspective, considering significant setbacks and processes of positive adaptation.


This research is published open access and can be downloaded here.

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