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New publication in the Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience

News vom 23.09.2020

Together with Matthias Weiss from Ruhr-University Bochum and Martin Högl from LMU Munich, Silja Hartmann has published the book chapter “Team resilience in organizations: A conceptual and theoretical discussion of a team level concept.” in the Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience.


More information on the Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience can be found here.



Research on resilience in organizations is on the rise. Yet, despite the important role of teamwork in organizations, conceptual development of team resilience is still in its infancy. To address this shortcoming in the literature, in this chapter we present and discuss conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of the concept of team resilience in the workplace. Taking a process perspective, we develop an integrative conceptual framework of team resilience in organizations. In doing so, we integrate existing research on the phenomenon and highlight different theoretical perspectives that can help us better understand the different elements in the team resilience process. Our process conceptualization illuminates team resilience as an inherently collective concept. We highlight how team resilience develops through affective, social, and cognitive team processes and how team resilience may change over time.

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