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How does CSR differ around the world?

News vom 02.06.2016

Professor Gregory Jackson and Julia Bartosch published a study of CSR adoption in firms in 24 OECD countries.  The study was conducted with support of the Bertelsmann Foundation.  The study show that firms in the UK, France, and Spain are among the overall leaders in CSR, whereas the US and Japan lag behind many OECD countries.  Germany is among countries with intermediate levels of CSR adoption.  While overall levels of CSR activities are increasing, the study also finds a strong association with higher levels of scandals around irresponsible behavior. 


The study shows that national institutional factors lead to distinct national patterns of CSR activity.  In particular, greater CSR activity was associated with institutional supports for worker participation in corporate boards and through works councils, coverage by collective agreements and higher levels of social spending.  Importantly, the study shows a positive effect of mandatory disclosure requirements on company CSR activities.  Meanwhile, more liberal product markets were associated with more CSR, but also more irresponsible actions.


The full study is available as a free download here.

Link to press release (auf Deutsch).

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