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Seminars in winter semester 2023-24

News vom 14.06.2023

Seminar courses offered in winter semester 2023-24 (Professur Personalpolitik)


(10113311) Wissenschaftliche Konzepte und Methoden im Management / Academic Concepts and Methods in Management
"Diversity and Intersectionality in the Workplace"
Dr. Sumrin Kalia
Please register until 15th October by mailing this registration form to ls-jackson@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de
(Attendance required. The students will write reseach papers and do group presentations)

Diversity along various dimensions of identity (e.g., race, gender, nationality, age, class, core beliefs, etc.) can be an important asset for workplaces. However poor management of differences can make them a liability. In this seminar students will be introduced to key dimensions of intersectionality and the ways they shape thinking and behaviours in workplace. The goal is to understand opportunities and challenges of diversity in organisations; identifying patterns of discrimination, unconscious bias, pay and opportunity gaps; and strategies to foster fair, inclusive, and productive workplaces.


BSc  30 LP Management / 60 LP BWL
(10114701) Organisationsforschung / Organizational Research
"Civil Society Organizations: Between the state and the market"
Dr. Sumrin Kalia

(Attendance required. The students will write reseach papers and do group presentations)

Civil society organizations occupy the space in between the market and the state, while not isolated from them. These may be more formal such as NGOs, International NGOS (INGOS), social mission organizations, advocacy groups, welfare and charity-based organizations but may also be informal such as community-based organizations, religious organizations, and cultural institutions or have a hybrid format such as social enterprises and government sponsored NGOs (GoNGOs). Through case studies from a range of context, this seminar will explore, organizational, socio-cultural, and ethical challenges of civil society organizations.


MSc  M+M
(10160911) Fallstudien zum Management / Case Studies in Management
"Case Studies in Third Sector Management"
Dr. Sumrin Kalia

(Each student will write a seminar paper with 5.000 words +/- 500)

Voluntary and non-profit sector organisations play a crucial role in modern market-based democracies. Lying in between the state and the market, these organizations provide remedies to social problems, while also influencing behaviours of markets and governments. This seminar will introduce students with the challenges for the societal role and sustainability of civil society organisations in different fields, such as arts and culture, social services, and sustainability. It will deal with the theoretical function and contribution of such organisations, and also the practical challenges of management, governance, and accountability.


2 / 8
Social-Economic Review
British Journal of Industrial Relations
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
Organized Creativity